Determination, tenacity of purpose, grit, bravery, resilience and hardiness are all in the word sisu. Thanks to my late friend Kristine Smolsky for introducing me to this concept.

Special thanks to Sandy McFadden and Conor Vincent Plunkett of Ontario, Canada. As a former member of the Royal Canadian Airforce, Sandy was my go-to person for all things technical and more. Conor kept the intellectual fire going.

Sections of text in the narrative that are the putative words of the character Dell-Dell came from the mind of poet Maxine McIntosh-McCalla (affectionately, Miss P.) of Barton, St. Elizabeth, Jamaica.

Janet Barnett, my mother, and Devon Barnett, my stepfather, thank you for helping me develop sisu. Selena Saddler provided tremendous character insight. Beverly Kerr, whose daily check-ins motivated and encouraged me tremendously. Julia Barrett Hew championed me on daily.


What's in a Name Copyright © 2020 by Garie McIntosh. All Rights Reserved.

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