Future Works and Current Projects

Over the last four years, Garie’s foray into writing has resulted in the following:


The Perfumed Shroud (unedited)

Whale Season (in-progress)

Non-fiction (English linguistics)

The Literary Editing Project (The LEP): an editing process that addresses syntax and semantics, orthography and readability elements to achieve a highly readable (close reading) and grammatically sound (effective writing) literary manuscript.

The Syntactic Analyses Project (The SAP): an array of analyses that parses English sentences based on syntax and semantics.

Business & Product

McIntoshLinguistics: an educational editing-service business that aims to formalize an approach to English literary editing through a process-method.

MCINTOSHFORMS™: a grammatical method that uses regular expressions (regexes) and grammatical forms (letters, words, phrases and orthography) to isolate grammatical constituents and orthography.


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