Author’s Note

The cover art, which wraps to the back of the book, is an image that I took in Jamaica before I had written the novel. Indeed, this factual event could have been “the effect of breeze having manipulated leaves into form; leaves having manipulated light with equal savvy.” However, What’s in a Name is, as Khaled Hosseini once said about fiction, “the act of weaving a series of lies to arrive at a greater truth.”

As a first-time participant in the Brampton Library Local Author Showcase 2020/2021 in Ontario, Canada, I have been privileged to work with two important players of this platform: Brent Wilson, manager of Collections, and Julia Huang in Aquisitions. Julia lends the program a sense of importance and excellence. And according to Brent, his staff members “are constantly trying to improve the experience our community members have with Brampton Library. We always strive to be a reflection of the community we serve, and our Local Author Showcase is one of the preeminent ways in which we accomplish this. Not only does this collection give a platform and a voice to people in Peel Region, but it also creates a network of budding and established authors who can lean on and support one another in the painstaking but rewarding endeavo[u]r that is writing.” Brent, I could not agree more.


What's in a Name Copyright © 2020 by Garie McIntosh. All Rights Reserved.

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